Chef On Air

Tv show opening titles

We were assigned by the TV & Cinema production company ProsenghisiTV to design the visual communication for Chef On Air, a daily cooking & gastronomy TV programme on the greek channel SKAI. In association with Areti Vardaki, production designer, and Pantelis Anastasiadis, motion designer, Happy Artists have treated and designed the programme’s visual communication profile from scratch. That is: visual identity, web design, as well as, 5 separate animated “theme” video-clips. The biggest challenge, as always, was to create a balance between minimal design and stylistic elements. We typically start by adding too many elements, and then the challenge becomes trying to decide what is necessary and what isn’t.  A lot of adding and subtracting of elements occurs while we determine how to best feature each theme.

Following you can find the animated “theme” video-clips for the programme’s latest season, 2015-2016.

What we did

  • Graphic design
  • Illustration


  • ProsTv is an audiovisual production company.