Happy Artists is a visual communication design laboratory established in 2007 in Athens. Greece. We have been working on printed material, Web design and motion graphics for advertising campaigns, editorial designs, CD sleeves, opening titles for TV, event movies, music videos, e.t.c.

We are currently on a quest for new forms of expression using programming techniques to create unique images among infinite algorithmic combinations and suggest a change of culture in the exploration of visual communication that infuses it with new meaning. We 've been around for a good long time, but we make a point of keeping our work fresh and current.

Creative ideas are combined with well thought-out messaging, that is always supported by strong project management. We do approach things in a rather unique way by researching our clients’s identity first. We do as much research as we possibly can to encompass all qualities/nuances of their identity. In an initial state, we look at every scrap of information they may provide us with. We do all of that before we even conceptualize what the idea might be.

It is our desire to improve, and include many small invisible details, but always in a traditional way – we always try to master our art. We find inspiration by observing our environment - music, video clips, films, architecture, art, design magazines, design books, street posters, outdoor spaces, websites. Currently our work features in illustrations, posters and a range of websites. Look at our work and you ‘ll find out that we don't have a single style imposed upon our clients. We aim for their personality to reflect in whatever it is we produce for them. We just guide it through I guess!