Wei shiatsu

This concept explores the concept of balance and union and their association to the shiatsu philosophy. The logo icon is unique and memorable among the competition and creates a playful feel to the mark. The icon communicates the concept of connectivity which is a common term in the Chinese philosophy.

Vacheron Constantin – Métiers d’Art “Alexander the Great”

This publication presents the Métiers d’Art “Alexander the Great” an original watch, an exclusively designed work of art. Some of the design was dictated by "Vacheron Constantin" corporate image guidelines but mostly it was dictated by a desire to create a book that people would actually enjoy reading and like to keep in their collection.

Mercedes Benz “Circle of Art”

Happy Artists were asked by ProgressivePR a Greek Brand Communication & Event Marketing agency to create a special video modulated for displaying and promoting art exhibition: «THE MERCEDES-BENZ CIRCLE OF ART EXHIBITION " on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Hellas.

Scala Vinoteca

The first thing we did was an eloquently tour of the appointed restaurant which gave us the initial inspiration for the tone of the logo. We see the process of designing, first and foremost, being able to communicate, while also being able to draw life in by conveying a feeling.

Athens Digital Art Festival

Rebranding, Visual identity, Motion Graphics. Athens Video Art Festival rebranding target that would compete on an international level; Something simple and timeless enough that it could communicate to everyone, from kids to experienced art enthusiasts.

Samsung A3

Our mission was to listen at young people’s needs and collaboratively design five different themes to be printed for Galaxy A3. The thematics lines were: Abstract, Funk, Music, Sport and Games.


At first we stepped back and took a good look of "Kolomvouni"  history. We started to think that to really get noticed we should buck the trend, go low tech, low-fi, and clean! 


We set out to create a visual identity in an abstract way, just to make it clear EKKAF's intention to be friendly, extrovert and come closer to the modern person.

Space fly

Have you ever thought that there are ways beyond our imagination for understanding and re-visioning the reality in which we all live? And maybe there is a way to make a new enviroment to live and the tools that will lift us to higher levels;

Veloudo Premium Olive Oil

Design is a dialogue between client, designer and audience, and needs to be engaging and different in order to be effective. As a client Veloudo Velissari was respectful, receptive and also unafraid to challenge throughout the process.