Welcome to the Uncanny | Athens Digital Arts Festival 2023

We have been developing a visual theme to clarify ADAF’s theme “Welcome to the Uncanny”. The idea started in the form of an electric power supply socket . We were trying to figure out a way to make the visual the vehicle for telling the story and bringing in new information. Eventually, we found a match for the electric power visualised it self.  The rhythm is the basic line of the story, the presentation of content. The concept of the uncanny can be expressed through art. Optical illusions and other visual artworks that use distorted proportions or disorienting perspectives to create a feeling of the uncanny. The idea is to create a sense of ambiguity and disorientation in the viewer, making them question their perceptions and assumptions about the world.

#visualcommunication #motiongraphics #uncanny #19thadaf #happyartists

What we did

  • Creative direction
  • Motion graphic design
  • Sound design
  • Webdesign


  • Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences.