The Olive Tree Residence

“The Olive Tree Residence” project reflects the workflow of how to use a mix of modern and classical themes to provide visitors with an elegant visual experience. The site is designed to help visitors easily find a relaxed and modern living space.

The real estate industry is booming at an impressive rate. With the competition being so fierce, having an excellent branding is critical to a real estate company’s or agency’s success. Τhe “Olive Tree Residence” web design promotes the business and engages more customers, both potential and existing.

Full-screen background images and a polished design with a clean typography and minimal layout offer customers a vivid visual experience. Beautiful, modern, stylish, luxurious, and creative. This which conveys a sense of nature and environmental friendliness.


  • The Olive Tree Residence is a traditional Mani Tower House, in Pellopenesse perfecture.