Originally we had three concept options for the direction of the general aesthetic and style. When a specific style was selected, we continued to refine that concept through multiple iterations. It’s a living breathing process that is flexible and allows the design to be refined and improved every step of the way. The piece is not done until it comes rolling of the composition.

The Great War

The logo design has brilliantly tried to depict the meaning through the imagery. Panagiotis Parnassas our co-designer has been used ink brush to illustrate the final piece in a way that blends beautifully with the general aesthetic.

Another work  we did for this project  was to add an Illustrative quality to some of the scenes or the portrait’s in the movie. Initially, rough illustrations were adopted for the sketches. The  bold use of charcoal was also a poseful choice. The takeaway is that if the process is successful, the job was successful. Considering ProsTV and Harry are in their tenth year of working together, we can rest easy that this work speaks for itself.

What we did

  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Titles

Who worked

  • Harry Macheras
  • Panagiotis Parnassas


  • ProsTV is a film & Video production company based in Athens, Greece, that has been in business for approximately 20 years.