Strategy for the management of the disease of the anthracnose in olive cultivation in the Region of Peloponnese

The design includes a concise introduction with visuals on anthracnose issues, a page with thorough information on symptoms, causes, and prevention, linked supplementary sources, and a contact form for inquiries.

Through the creative presentation of elements such as images and infographics on a well-designed website, we managed to convey the complexity of the topic in an easily understandable way. The impressive presentation allows visitors to gather significant information and learn about the best practices in protecting olive cultivation from anthracnose.

Our creative approach and expertise truly highlight the essence and value of the “Gloiosporio” project in a minimalist and informative manner. Through our collaboration with the Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory and Olive Epitome, we have created a comprehensive experience that impresses visitors and informs them about the importance of the topic.

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What we did

  • Creative direction
  • Webdesign
  • Infographics


  • Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory activities span across various domains such us engaging in the development and application of sensory assessment techniques for olive oil, table olives, and related products.
  • Also conducting research into the correlation between the sensory attributes of olive oil, table olives, and their products with factors such as environmental conditions, agricultural practices, fruit processing, post-harvest procedures, and quality standardization protocols.