Project 210 #AthinaioiMesa

For the "Project 210" creative campaign #AthinaioiMesa we used an illlustration concept to support a cohesive, clear, and consistent story from start to finish. It's used to support copy, and balance the focus for the key message. Our co-designer Konstantinos Samaras illustration's played a more prominent role in order to help tell the story.

Project 210 #AthinaioiMesa illustration style takes larger-than-life achievements, and makes them human and relatable. Being bold means taking on massive goals, feeling empowered, and being confident that those goals are achievable. It’s not about being loud, noisy, or over-the-top. It’s about setting a goal, and acknowledging the inherent complexity in getting things done. We use clean shapes, plenty of space, and balanced color ratios to ensure that the scene never feels too chaotic.

What we did

  • Art direction


  • Harry Macheras