Olive Epitome

“From the start we wanted to create a hybrid branding between commerce and research about extra virgin olive oil“. The development process was to get a design/layout/container that was recognizable. This was important to us because lots of familiar projects really look the same. This project needed more work to develop because we had to ask the question, “What works best?”

Olive Epitome has a team of people with different professional backgrounds and experience with local and international firms in commerce. This combined experience and knowledge is added value in the promotion of recognised high quality products, in this case the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

First, Harry Macheras created a design that was clean, simple and had a European flavour—timeless, confident, and established— and didn’t look like a commerce company’s.
Then came the need for a marketing piece that conveyed the Olive Epitome’s message “in a way people would understand”. Because of the nature of the project we chose to make two versions which could work as stand alone and also connected because of their linked purposes.

In the end it is very satisfying and, we still work closely with the editors as they chose the content and said what is important or which ideas should be discussed for the upcoming issues.

What we do

  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Motion Design