Cosmote Tv “Μεσοπόλεμος”

Creating good working relationships and maintaining high standards gained us a good reputation, which attracted notable projects like “Mesopolemos” Cosmote TV.

All the sketches and the typography we crafted by hand especially the characters of the Mesopolemos logo. Basically, we created it all from scratch and I think we got a great result. We very rarely just work on executing something that has already been thought up. Even if a director, producer or editor has an idea, it still requires us to put a creative angle on it.
There’s no real constant to this either, although there’s normally a brief of some nature.
For us, it’s more important to make something that fits the project properly, reflecting the way it’s been directed and to be a seamless part of the overall experience. It is essential to have a broad understanding of design, to be able to read a script or brief and to creatively interpret it.