Athens Digital Arts Festival is launching the ONLINE era

The 16th international festival for digital arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the pioneer longest living institution dedicated to digital culture in the country (est.2005), is evolving and launching an ONLINE version.


Close your eyes and connect to your data-doppelganger your mirrored algorithmic self to your digital footprint. You are part of techno-tribalism, you are part of ADAF 2020

The Great War

The logo design has brilliantly tried to depict the meaning through the imagery. Panagiotis Parnassas our co-designer has been used ink brush to illustrate the final piece in a way that blends beautifully with the general aesthetic.

At first we stepped back and took a good look of "Kolomvouni"  history. We started to think that to really get noticed we should buck the trend, go low tech, low-fi, and clean! 

Mercedes Benz “Circle of Art”

Happy Artists were asked by ProgressivePR a Greek Brand Communication & Event Marketing agency to create a special video modulated for displaying and promoting art exhibition: «THE MERCEDES-BENZ CIRCLE OF ART EXHIBITION " on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Hellas.

Scala Vinoteca

The first thing we did was an eloquently tour of the appointed restaurant which gave us the initial inspiration for the tone of the logo. We see the process of designing, first and foremost, being able to communicate, while also being able to draw life in by conveying a feeling.

Athens Digital Art Festival

Rebranding, Visual identity, Motion Graphics. Athens Video Art Festival rebranding target that would compete on an international level; Something simple and timeless enough that it could communicate to everyone, from kids to experienced art enthusiasts.

Time Opscape

Time Opscapes:  Have you ever thought that there are ways beyond our imagination for understanding and re-visioning the reality in which we all live?

Chef On Air

We were assigned by the TV & Cinema production company ProsenghisiTV to design the visual communication for Chef On Air, a daily cooking & gastronomy TV programme on the greek channel SKAI.

Chef On Air / Tv show

Happy Artists has been designing the visual identity of the TV Show “Chef On Air” as a partner of ProsTV for the past 8 years. First was the logotype of the show. We created a symbol that was clean, simple and had a sweet flavor-timeless, confident, and established- and didn’t look like anything else on television.