Athens Digital Arts Festival is launching the ONLINE era

The 16th international festival for digital arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the pioneer longest living institution dedicated to digital culture in the country (est.2005), is evolving and launching an ONLINE version.

Project 210 #AthinaioiMesa

For the "Project 210" creative campaign #AthinaioiMesa we used an illlustration concept to support a cohesive, clear, and consistent story from start to finish. It's used to support copy, and balance the focus for the key message. Our co-designer Konstantinos Samaras illustration's played a more prominent role in order to help tell the story.


Close your eyes and connect to your data-doppelganger your mirrored algorithmic self to your digital footprint. You are part of techno-tribalism, you are part of ADAF 2020

Olive Epitome

“From the start we wanted to create a hybrid website between commerce and research about extra virgin olive oil“. The development process was to get a design/layout/container that was recognisable. This was important to us because lots of familiar projects really look the same. This project needed more work to develop because we had to ask the question, “What works best?”

At first we stepped back and took a good look of "Kolomvouni"  history. We started to think that to really get noticed we should buck the trend, go low tech, low-fi, and clean! 

Point Blank.

The challenge was to infuse originality into a corporate identity on marketing solutions. The “POINT-BLANK.” logotype design attracts attention with its handwritten characters and the client feels more comfortable with it.


We set out to create a visual identity in an abstract way, just to make it clear EKKAF's intention to be friendly, extrovert and come closer to the modern person.