Branding - Visual Communication

Happy Artists were assigned to design the visual communication of “Kolomvouni.gr”.

At first we stepped back and took a good look of “Kolomvouni”  history. We started to think that to really get noticed we should buck the trend, go low tech, low-fi, and clean!  The natural reflex of presenting such products accurately would have involved photography especially with something as motivational as such products. Unfortunately the timing of the project did not allow for photography. So how do you make a hairdryer or a stove look cool and sexy? Happy Artists typically approach projects without any preconceived ideas and let the the material to be our guide. The flat graphics did lend themselves to our no-nonsense approach and happened to shave of the expense of product photography. Thus, what had started as a problem actually became our solution.Thankfully the client really liked it. If you look at the original design presentation, it is virtually identical to the finished layout, other than some space saving adjustment made on our part.

What we did

  • Visual Communication
  • Branding
  • Motion design
  • Graphic Design


  • Kolomvouni.gr specialises in the sale of high technology electronic products, home appliances, telecommunication products, as well as in the provision of after sales support and maintenance services.